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The Dude has been writing porn and reviews for a long time and it shows. The Cam Dude site is absolutely filled with them and you can always find something that you’re looking for. The reviews are honest and filled with the information that you need to make the very best decision possible. You can read them in full or you can skip right down to the pros and cons and get an idea of what you’re in for. It’s the best way to learn about a premium webcam or porn site before you commit to paying for it. It’s also a great way to find a new free site that has all of the things you want from your porn. It’s possible to both browse around and search. It’s a fast and easy to use site.

The Useful Software category is one that you should always be browsing. It’s filled with reviews on programs that you can use for anything. There’s everything from security to IP redirectors and even virtual strippers for your desktop. It’s a great idea to simply click around and see what you can find. There’s always something useful for you that you never would have thought of on your own. All of the reviews are honest and tell you everything that you need to know about a program before you install it on your system. It’s safe, easy to understand and quick to read.

This porn works really well on any system and is very lightweight. There are no ads to deal with and you’ll never be redirected anywhere unless you want to be. All of the reviews have links directly to the sites that they’re about. You can follow them as soon as you’re done reading to check it all out for yourself. You’ll also be able to find similar sites listed right under the one that you’re reading about. If the one you just checked out isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, just take a look at what’s underneath. It’s a great site for anyone who like porn.


  • The Useful Software category introduces you to programs you need
  • Each review has the site logo to find it quickly and easily
  • All porn reviews are honest with nothing owed to the sites


  • Some cam categories only have a few reviews
  • No tag system to find similar sites based on specific interests
  • Easy to confuse review links with site links on home page


The Cam Dude covers any kind of porn site that you can possibly imagine. There are cam sites, free porn sites, game sites, premium porn sites and even software reviews. If it’s on the internet, you can read about it here. The Useful Software category will introduce you to programs that you’ve never heard about before. They’ll help you do anything from protecting your identity to getting virtual strippers right on your computer. The site is perfect to find a new site or learn about one you already know. It should be your daily destination.